The BIG Anniversary - 10 (+ 2) Years of UK Soul Choirs concert
Abi Gilchrist
November 13, 2022
Founder and Director Abi reflects on the long awaited 10th (+2) Anniversary Concert at Blackheath Halls.

Well it finally happened - and we smashed it. After a 2 year delay (thanks to Covid) on Saturday 9th April we finally got to hold our 10th (+2) Anniversary concert at a very full Blackheath Halls in London.

And WOW what a night it was!

It really felt like the celebration and honouring of singing that we all needed after being so thankful to have had choir in our lives for the past 12 years. This was especially so coming through the pandemic where the choir offered such an essential connection with others when we couldn't leave our homes.

The whole choir on stage.

Wait for it....

Wall of Sound

Backed by a 5-piece band of top London musicians on top form, the choir did themselves proud producing the most incredible wall of sound that had the audience on their feet and in tears throughout the night.

And of course our special guests Hayley Sanderson and Jamie Squire - singers from the Strictly Come Dancing Band who were both stunning to listen to and totally on board with the whole joy of the night.

As the original founder, I was simply reduced to tears - especially when the choir sang Purple Rain, our 'mascot' song. It felt so poignant and so special plus it sounded absolutely stunning!

Jamie and Hayley

Choir Stories

We got to share some of our members short testimonials of how being part of the choir has helped them in their personal or professional lives, and the audience was moved by each of these personal choir stories. We will be sharing these stories, and others here on the website over the coming weeks.

Getting in the groove.

As they say, "it's been a journey."

We have come a long way in 12 years and it was just amazing to stand back and see all these people who we now call friends, singing their hearts out and making the most amazing sound. It was so wonderful to be reminded that all the hard work really does pay off in spades and how Important choir is to everyone.

After the concert and all the many 'wow that was amazing' comments from the super audience, we were able to let our hair down at a much needed after party with soul DJ. We partied into the early hours reliving all the best bits of our brilliant night of singing and community. This was a night never to be forgotten.

Our choir leaders.

Thank you to everyone who's contributed to our journey!

I just want to say a big thank you  - to every member of the audience who came to enjoy the show and support our members.

And I obviously want to thank the team - to my husband and co-founder Ross, and to our fellow choir leaders, Eleanor and Amanda, to the band and professional singers who performed for us so fantastically, and to everyone who has helped behind the scenes.  

But most of all I want to thank every member of UK Soul Choirs, especially to our current members who are obviously fantastic for putting their faith in us. But I also want to thank the wider UK Soul Choirs community, including all our past members who have sung with us and contributed to the UK Soul Choirs Journey across these 10+2 years.

Everyone who has helped shape the community to become what it is today, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And I'm so excited to see what the next decade has in store.

Stay Tuned to Soul Choirs!

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