Alfie's Story
Michael Kohn
May 4, 2022
This is Alfie's short choir story about when he joined Whitstable Soul Choir.

I started choir over 5 years ago at a time when I only had two things in my life; working on the railway lines and being with my family.

I was asked by a friend of my wife to come along and I was reluctant and unsure of what to expect. I went to whitstable on a Monday night and walked into the room which was full of about 30 ladies - pretty scary! I had a few looks and some smiles and heard a few whispered ‘it’s a Man it’s a man’. I jokingly said I can come as woman next week if that helps!

When we got started I felt the energy of the room and gave it my best but it was daunting as I was singing the tenor part on my own.  I loved the session and people said please comeback so I did until we got another tenor and then another and so on - thankfully! I am very proud of being there from the start and helping welcome new people. Us tenors are like a band of brothers and I have made very special friendships with a huge range of different people. Choir has given me a huge personal boost both physically and mentally and given me a creative outlet to perform and use different aspects of myself which I couldn’t ever do previously.

Choir is a supersonic experience and I am very grateful for it in my life.

Alfie  - Whitstable 

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