It's official - choir improves your mood!
Ross Power
October 21, 2023

Last week, to celebrate World Mental Heath Day, we added some extra activities to our rehearsals.

Firstly, we conducted a pre and post mood survey which members filled in at both the beginning and end of choir. They were asked to rate their mood at the start of the session and again when they'd finished singing; this was based on a scale of 1 - 5, 1 being the lowest. Incredibly, the average starting point was a 3 followed by the post session score being a fantastic 4.5! This confirmed our strong belief that, indeed, singing in a choir lifts mood and encourages positive well-being!

Secondly, we took a moment to stop and 'check-in' with the person next to us. It's always good to talk and it appeared that most of our members found it massively beneficial. So much so, we've decided to include this valuable five minute 'pause' in our rehearsals moving forward.

Lastly, we conducted a collection for MIND which our member's contributed very generously towards.

We'd love to share some member's quotes with you regarding their mental well-being and the part that singing with our choir has played. We're always so grateful for the openness of our Choir Family and always greatly appreciate their feedback and positivity:

'Since June I have been undergoing exhausting health tests and scans and to say that I was worried stiff about the future is an understatement, but religiously every morning, as I have always done, I play the choir songs and sing along learning my words preparing for the weekly rehearsals.  I haven’t always been able to attend due to hospital appointments, but the choir has been a constant for me in this journey and seen me through the dark times.  The choir has been the best medicine for me making me feel happier about everything and feeling more optimistic.'

Lorraine - Whitstable

'Before choir last week I was feeling a bit irritable, I've had a few small health issues lately which are worrying me, plus my train was cancelled and I hate being late for things! I went to Hither Green rather than my usual Greenwich group, but was made to feel so welcome from the minute I walked in the door. I enjoyed the check in chat, and the fun and silliness really blew away the baggage I'd walked I with. I left full of joy and energy walking out of choir that evening and loved every second.'

Jen - Hither Green

'The day of choir was a really hard one, supporting a friend who’s going through a tragic time, but doing choir I thought of her as I sung and it lifted my spirit and I felt it physically lifted my body, standing up straighter and smiling. I left choir that evening happier (like I always do). It changed my mindset that evening and I am grateful for it every week.'

Rosie - Greenwich

'I start off my day on a high because I’m looking forward to going to choir, and I end on a high because of the session and the social interactions. Choir days are the best days of the week for me!'

Georgina - Whitstable

'Before choir I always start off tired after work, but always end up feeling energised and happy!'

Hilary - Whitstable

'Drive to choir generally feeling ‘mid week frazzled’ but totally buzzing by the end!'

Laura - Tonbridge

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