Julie's Story
Michael Kohn
November 13, 2022
This is Julie's short choir story about why she joined the Greenwich Soul Choir.

I started my singing journey on the stage of Blackheath Halls, with no hair on my head, due to having treatment for stage 3 breast cancer. A friend said "you are always singing, you should join a choir, it may help you through your treatment." But this choir was a short workshop choir, I wanted something more long term. So when I saw Abi's advert in my local magazine for a soul choir I knew I just had to join. I took my mum along with me to the first rehearsal, and we've been singing ever since.

We've shared such fantastic memories together, we've performed in a play at the young Vic, dressed as monks for a secret brunch in East London, even auditioned for Britain's got talent, the list goes on. All of these experiences have been shared with amazing people that we may never have met and I'm especially grateful to have shared all of this with my mum.

Julie - Greenwich

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