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The West Kent Choirs run twice a week: on Monday evenings in Tunbridge Wells and on Tuesday evenings in Tonbridge. Both branches are led by Michael who exudes an infectious energy and enthusiasm for singing. Both choirs come together for stellar performances throughout the term. West Kent choirs are rapidly growing in size and confidence, renown within the Soul Choirs community for their exceptional tuning and determination. Additionally, these choirs are fostering a thriving social community with weekly post session drinks as well as a dynamic array of social activities.

what our members say

Before choir I always start off tired after work, but always end up feeling energised and happy!
Singing in a group is so much fun and so good for the soul! Joining choir was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time.
Being able to access the music through the website and practice just my part at home is amazing. I've played it like a billion times and even tried singing my soprano part whilst playing the alto part. I'm far from perfect but I'm a lot better than I was!


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