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The Mid Kent Choirs consist of three fun-loving, community-driven branches: our newest branch in Kings Hill on Monday evenings, Maidstone on Tuesday evenings and the other in Rochester on Wednesday evenings. All three branches are led by the wonderful Eleanor Stevenson, a little ball of giggly energy with a BIG voice! Eleanor is our Senior choir leader and is inspirational with her dulcet alto tones and brilliantly inventive warm-ups. Over the past few years, these choirs have grown into a fantastic, close-knit group who love coming together for performances each term and enjoy a varied and exciting joint social event calendar as well.

what our members say

I was so nervous the first night walking into the Maidstone soul choir group, thinking ‘can I do this?’. Honestly it’s been the best thing for my confidence and helping me navigate this menopausal madness! We laugh, we sing, we are one!
Hugely beneficial to my wellbeing, loads of fun, it's like a concert each time because of the skills and expertise of the choir leaders. Once you go - you immediately love it, why wouldn't you stay.
ROCHESTER Wednesdays
Joining Soul Choirs is, by far, one of the best decisions I've ever made! Singing in this choir brings more joy than you can imagine and I'm lucky to have made so many special friends too.
ROCHESTER Wednesdays
A fun exciting environment to be yourself and learn great techniques from truly talented musicians and to feel part of something very cool!
Singing with others really boosts your confidence and self esteem. It’s fun and easy to make new friends through choir. The performances and special events are amazing to do, giving you such a buzz!


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