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The East Kent Choirs host four weekly rehearsal branches. Our busiest session is in Whitstable on Monday evenings, and we also have a more relaxed Friday lunchtime choir session. Additionally, we have our ever-expanding Canterbury branch, which meets on Tuesday evenings and our new Monday evening choir in Margate. Evening sessions include a post-rehearsal gathering at the local pub, providing an excellent opportunity to connect with the East Kent community. These choirs are under the leadership of our directors, Abi and Ross, and they are always filled with laughter and enjoyment. The East Kent choirs take great pride in their well-attended and diverse social events, ranging from quiz nights to fancy dress parties, creating a vibrant social choir scene in the area.

what our members say

I enjoy choir so much - the song choices are great, and getting to sing such beautiful arrangements which make such a great sound, is so satisfying.
Any one who can sing in the shower or kitchen at home can sing in a choir and reap the benefits of new friends, improved mental health and just having a good time!
It is such a lovely choir - so friendly and no pressure at all. Great way to meet new people and relax too.
The songs and arrangements are fantastic.. There is nothing quite like hearing those harmonies together. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming and you will forge new friendships. Abi, Ross and Eleanor are hugely talented and excellent teachers who inspire with their boundless creativity, energy, drive and humour. You will have the opportunity to perform in a variety of venues and it's always exciting leading up to a performance. Singing is good for your soul and everyone no matter their experience or voice is welcomed.
I have made really good friends locally through choir and the choir leaders are excellent. Singing in choir just makes me happy!


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