Sing your cares away!
Amy Stanley
April 3, 2023
Ruth Hallows - Musician, Blogger and Journalist, has been investigating the stress busting benefits of singing in a choir!

Read Ruth's informative article HERE as she visits three of London's Community Choirs for East London Lines.

After a week of incredible concerts, I think it's fair to say that this confirms how choir makes us feel - uplifted, stress free and part of something incredibly special! Music has the power to change your mindset and banish negativity as well as mentally AND physically make you feel more relaxed.

This article highlights that, once you find YOUR choir, it's your safe space to feel free and release your stresses vocally. Singing together and making something beautiful with others is so fulfilling and, just for a moment, you share pure, unbridled joy!

In my opinion, singing in a choir should be prescribed on the NHS! I'm so lucky to have found my choir 'tribe' and, at every possible chance I get, I tell others to try and find theirs.

Stay Tuned to Soul Choirs!

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