Teamwork makes the dream work!
Amy Stanley
September 10, 2023
It was great to get the Soul Choirs Team together for a brilliant day of sharing, learning and growth as we approach the new term ahead!

Left to right:

Eleanor -Mid/West Kent Leader, Michael - Technical Manager, Abi - Soul Choir Director/Leader (G. London/East Kent), Ross - Soul Choir Director/Leader (G. London/East Kent), Amy - Programming Manager, Greg - London Bridge Leader

It was a beautiful and balmy day in London Town when the Soul Choirs Team met up last weekend ahead of the Autumn Term!

Our Director's, Abi and Ross, were keen to get us together to share thoughts and ideas. They also wanted to chat about the results of the recent Member's survey and look at how we could address some of the points raised to ensure Soul Choirs keeps improving. There were lots of valuable and uplifting comments to share with the team too which always feels special!

As expected, laughter was in abundance but we also focused (honest!) on some fantastic new material for the Leaders to use - some brilliant new warm up songs for a start - you're gonna love 'em! The Leader's also did some additional training based on how they conduct their sessions. As both a member of the team and a Soul Choir myself, it was interesting to see how each of them approach their teaching and I feel confident in saying they all learnt something from each other during the afternoon. Every one has their own, unique style and this is something I know is embraced within Soul Choirs.

We chatted about some exciting new changes coming soon, how we can keep striving to offer our Members the very best experience possible, to keep producing incredible music/arrangements and to make sure our members continue to feel they are part of something special. You may have noticed our new tagline....

Singing is just the beginning!

This sums us up our ethos and purpose so succinctly - joining a Soul Choir IS just the beginning; it's the start of a journey were everyone is welcome, friendships are nurtured and mental well-being bolstered; all of this ON TOP of singing your heart out every week - it's a no brainer!

Sadly, Amanda, one of our West Kent Leaders, and Marketing Manager, Michelle, were unable to attend due to scheduling issues. However, they were very much with us in spirit!

We can't wait to get stuck into sessions again next week - it's going to be an excellent term!

Stay Tuned to Soul Choirs!

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