It's been a 'Soul'sational Summer!
Amy Stanley
July 21, 2023
Read about the awesome performances we've been lucky enough to take part in this Summer Festival Term!

WOW! The first of its kind, Summer Festival Term is now complete!

This Summer, we decided to move away from the usual concert we programme opting for a SOUL packed schedule of 'pop-up' appearances instead.

Our choirs have performed at a mega 14(!) events this Summer from strutting our stuff on the back of a truck to singing our hearts out under a big top!

We've performed across London and Kent at Festivals, Fairs, Pride, Castles, by the River Thames - we even curated our own 'Sunset Soul' festival from start to finish which was a huge success.

They've not all run smoothly, but we've embraced and laughed our way through it - for example, when singing at the Tonbridge Castle Music Weekend, we seemed to summon a sudden and heavy rain storm just as the track started for our choir anthem, Purple Rain, began! We also had to contend with the heat; in fact, we were a Leader down due to heatstroke at one performance - thankfully she recovered and a brilliant member stepped in to finish the song- it's all about team work!

The children in the audiences who dance their way through our sets, a wobbly stage or two, the pride we felt singing at Pride, the large and diverse audiences we get to perform to - this is all part of the Soul Choir experience!

When we've been able, we've been shaking our buckets for this term's charity too, GlobalGiving - hopefully we've raised enough to make a difference.

I'm in the unique position of being part of the UK Soul Choirs team as well as being a member myself. It's so rewarding, not only to reap the benefits of our hard work, but to share the joy of performing at these events with my choir family...and that's pretty special.

It's been a corker of a term and we hope both our members and those who have supported us have enjoyed it as much as we have - performing together always adds another dimension to being part of a choir. It's the chance for our members to showcase their hard work but, most importantly, it's the opportunity to feel massively connected to those around you and revel in a sense of achievement like no other.

It's been a blast and we can't wait to get stuck in ready for the Autumn term ahead!

Stay Tuned to Soul Choirs!

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