Sarah's Story
Michael Kohn
November 13, 2022
This is Sarah's short choir story about why she joined the Greenwich Soul Choir.

I joined the choir initially because my sister was a member and she thought it was right up my street.  We used to sing a lot together growing up, so it just felt like a really great way of being able to have a creative musical outlet whilst spending some time with her.  In the beginning there were a handful of us; quite literally, about 10 of us at most by the time I joined in 2011.  I remember the first time I sang with everyone, how amazing it sounded with all the harmonies, how uplifted I was.  I left on a real high, looking forward to going back the following week.  That week turned into months and then years.  

Looking back at what we have achieved is quite staggering and it's something I and the rest of the choir are immensely proud of. Definite highlights are leading the acts at Blackheath Festival performing at The Young Vic and creating the Faith music video from home for Mind.  In lockdown the choir was a lifeline, it was something to raise me up and focus on when everything felt a bit scary and hopeless. In fact, I got so excited at Home Sing one night that I accidentally catapulted red wine all over my bedroom wall!  It just feels so amazing to finally be performing again, now with an army of choir family and a reinforced appreciation for attending and creating live music.  We are way more than a choir!

Sarah  - Greenwich and then Rochester 

Stay Tuned to Soul Choirs!

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