How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?
Amy Stanley
October 9, 2023
Find out why we've chosen The British Heart Foundation as this term's chosen Charity

Lorna, one of our Whitstable Choir members, has had a truly horrible time. I'll let her fill you in but, suffice it to say, The British Heart Foundation definitely feels like the right charity for us to support this term.

Lorna's story...

'Firstly, nothing has surprised me about UK Soul Choirs choosing this charity because UK Soul Choirs also has the biggest heart - and have looked after me as mine mends, as have the BHF.

I've been part of the Whitstable choir for 4 years. It's such a special place and I love it so much. Singing brings me so much joy as does all the friendships I've made.

In July, I had a massive heart attack x 2. A right side STEMI and then a Cardiac Arrest was the most pain and the most fear I've ever felt, until I was too unconscious to feel anything.

I was brought back through CPR from the incredible paramedics and Resus Team. I was operated on and the cause of the heart attack was found to be a blood clot that had completely blocked my right artery, causing my heart to stop. A random event that could happen to any of us.

I was in total shock. For the first few days I was in the intensive cardiac unit, unable to move as I had to lay completely flat. I was then moved to the cardiac ward where I spent nearly 10 days. Abi and Ross (Soul Choir Directors) came to see me, armed with sandwiches and hugs and made me laugh and let me cry.  

On about day 5 it was as if the reality hit me. I had my phone back, I googled and found the British Heart Foundation helpline. I phoned them from my hospital bed and the advisor was like an angel. She explained so much and she listened to me and let me cry and then gave me some practical steps and questions to ask the doctors.

In the hospital I noticed that all the literature I was given came from The British Heart Foundation. The booklets and the guidance. I started to notice just how embedded they are in active care. I work with charities but you only really see them swing into action when you yourself need them. And I'd never needed this one more.

There's something about your heart being 'ill' that is so tricky. It's the whole of you. It takes a while for the full impact to really hit. I still don't think it has.

My recovery is long, and BHF has been with me every step, as have all of the Choir crew.

I'm not able to do choir this term but I still feel part of it. UK Soul Choir isn't something you go to, it's somewhere you belong.

I can't wait to get back.'

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