Why Join Soul Choirs?

Run by professional musicians, Soul Choirs offers a network of community choirs in London and South East. There are no auditions, you'll get to sing fantastic pop and soul songs each week, make new friends and be part of amazing performing experiences. We lay on a social calendar second to none, and a range of membership plans to suit every budget.

Sing Great Songs

We sing great soul inspired songs from classic soul to pop and everything we sing is arranged specially and uniquely for our choirs. Everything we sing makes us feel great and whilst we are made up of all members of the whole community with mixed singing experience, the passion from our members shines out, inspiring anyone who listens!

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Build Lasting Friendships

Choir is as much about the community as it is about singing! We enjoy a varied and active social life around our choir rehearsals and performances from after- rehearsal drinks to dinners, parties and quizzes! We have members from all backgrounds with a wide range of ages from 20's to 70's so its a great place to meet and make local friends.

Perform At Amazing Events

We pride ourself on arranging brilliant performances for our members each term. This varies from local community events and charity fundraisers to star studded events singing alongside big names in the music industry. Some highlights have been opening the stage at On Blackheath Festival, performing at Camp Bestival's Easter party at Dreamland, Margate, singing with Lemar and Jocelyn Brown and not forgetting raising tens of thousands of pounds for many worthy charities and causes both locally and nationally.

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What Our Members Say

I love coming to choir, especially if you’ve had a bad day, you come away feeling great!
Having joined Soul Choir, my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. Ross, Abi & Amanda are great & true to their ethos - I've found Soul Choir to be a really welcoming, fun & an encouraging environment. The song choices are current & exciting to sing. It's clichéd but it's true - Soul Choir is good for the soul!
Singing in a group is so much fun and so good for the soul! Joining choir was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time.
I enjoy choir so much - the song choices are great, and getting to sing such beautiful arrangements which make such a great sound, is so satisfying.
TONBRIDGE Wednesdays
Being able to access the music through the website and practice just my part at home is amazing. I've played it like a billion times and even tried singing my soprano part whilst playing the alto part. I'm far from perfect but I'm a lot better than I was!
Even online, everyone is made to feel very welcome and included from the outset.

Your Questions answered

Do you charge extra for learning resources?

No. Unlike some other choirs, we believe that your membership should include the core tools to learn the repertoire we teach. And so all learning resources are included in your membership and fully accessible through your member's area using your registered email address to login!

What happens if I can't attend a session?

We offer a drop-in style in-person membership - if you can't make your usual home choir then you can drop in to any other session that week so you don't have to miss out. If you are away for the whole week then our monday night rehearsals will be livestreamed and archived on our exclusive facebook group UK Soul CHoirs - HOME SING so you don't fall behind.

Do you accept cash?

No. All payments are handled through the website using Stripe's secure card payments. We no longer accept cash or cheque or accept payment through BACs.

What performances do you do?

Each of our 3 terms work towards at least one end of term performance in each of our 3 main areas (SE London, Kent (Whitstable and Canterbury) and Medway (Maidstone and Rochester). This usually includes a ticketed evening concert raising funds for charity, when friends and family can come and enjoy the work you have put in all term. These concerts are not obligatory but we do encourage members to take part - even in their first term - as they really build confidence and are brilliant fun! We also regularly do local public events too such as community fairs and events etc or even busking for charity! We have been involved in many high end performances such as the main stage at On Blackheath Festival and Dreamland Margate and also performed alongside major artist such as Jocelyn Brown and Lemar. As well as the main choir, we sometimes audition for our smaller chamber choir to perform at concerts and we also have a professional arm of the choir for more experienced members where we perform at weddings and corporate / private events. We dedicate the summer term to outdoor and popup performances at community events and local festivals.

How will I know which voice part I am?

In most cases the leader will get a good idea of your natural voice part by listening to your talking voice but if you haven’t sung much before or it’s been a while you will find your range has decreased, usually putting you in the altos rather than sopranos (as a female voice). As an alto, when your voice strengthens you may find you will move into the sopranos which might be better suited to your voice. If you have a male voice, you will be sat with the tenors but don’t worry if you don’t have a high male voice, most of our parts sit in a baritone range between bass and tenor, always with options on the high notes!

What happens if I can't make a rehearsal?

There are several options for members if you can't make your usual rehearsal. Firstly, you can just go along to a different rehearsal that week and join there instead - they will be learning the same song at a similar pace. If you can't make any in person rehearsal you have the option of logging in to our private facebook group to watch a video of the Monday evening rehearsal that week (or watch it live) so you can catch up anytime on any weeks you miss. As a member you will also have full learning resources with recordings of everything we are learning in choir so you can certainly keep up to date by practising from these resources at home.

Will there be a chance to get to know people and make friends?

Absolutely! UK Soul Choirs is as much about friendship as it is about singing and great friendships have been made at all our branches. We have a private members facebook group for London and for Kent, so members can chat and get to know each other between rehearsals. We encourage people to get to know one another in person too and often go for a local post-rehearsal drink. Everyone is very friendly so even if you come to choir by yourself you wont be left alone. We also have social secretaries in each of our 3 choir areas who organise at least one termly social event which everyone is invited to attend. This can be anything from a dinner or a party through to a coach trip or a theatre show. Our social secretaries are great at finding fun things that appeal to all our members and we have had many brilliant events!

Will I have to sing on my own?

No, the joy of choir is the chorusing of voices, many sound much better than one in our opinion. Occasionally we do have small solo opportunities within arrangements to mix up the textures and anyone can audition for these by sending us a recording using their phone once we’ve been learning it for a few weeks. We’ve had so many members who vowed never to sing a solo who now put themselves forward all the time. We also have members who have been with us for years who still have no interest in doing solos, it’s entirely up to you!

What is a Partner Choir?

All of our choirs are partnered with at least one other choir running in the nearby area (usually 10-15mins away by car) but on a different night. For example, Tunbridge Wells Choir runs on a Monday evening and Tonbridge Choir runs on a Wednesday eve. This gives members the opportunity to attend either or both choirs as and when they need to - for example, you have a one off engagement but don't want to miss out on the learning, or your shift patterns change from month to month. You do not need to let anyone know, just turn up. The same material is learnt across all our sessions every week for consistency and progression. You are also not limited to the nominated partner choir, for example, you could drop into one of our London choirs before commuting back to Kent.

Do I need experience?

Absolutely not! Whilst we welcome experienced singers who become an integral part of choir makeup, we also thrive on nurturing untapped ability which we believe 99.99% of people have. The voice is a muscle that needs training and your ear is a sensor that needs training. If you’re keen then anyone can do it! Check out our testimonials from current members!

How long will it take to develop confidence and a stronger voice?

This will vary between people but as the voice is made up of a series muscles, the more frequently you work on it by listening and practicing, the easier it will become. Be patient, most people start feeling more vocal confidence after the first or second term. Remember, our membership includes dropping in at any rehearsal each week, and since we practice the same material across our sessions, you can dive in for as much choir as you want!

Do you offer concessions?

Yes we do, we offer the following concessions, if you fall under one of these categories then apply CONC30 as a discount code on annual one off membership or CONC30MONTH for annual monthly payments. This will reduce your membership by £30. Concessions are only applicable to Annual Memberships and Annual Pay Monthly Memberships. You are limited to one concessions discount per membership. We can only operate concessions on a trust basis so please consider not using the code if you don’t need to so we can prioritise those that do. We reserve the right to withdraw our concessions policy if misapplied. Please check the following concessions definitions to see if it applies to you: Senior/Retired - If you are officially retired or aged 66 or over. Family - It’s a family affair! For those who have a spouse or family member also paying choir membership (including any multiple household members). This should be applied to all family members. I.e mother/daughter, spouses, long-term partners. Unemployed - For those who are receiving jobseekers allowance, or the self-employed going through a difficult patch, no questions asked. Students - Students in full-time or part-time education. Registered Disabled - If you have a registered disability and receive benefits or a blue badge for example. NHS and emergency services workers. A small thank you for the work you have done over the last few years and continuing forwards.

Stay Tuned to Soul Choirs!

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