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Anyone can join Soul Choirs. There's no auditions and plenty of encouragement and help with singing.

Membership runs throughout the year. You can join during term time, or pre register for next term. Our choice of payment plans means there's a plan to suit how you wish to pay, and with Home Sing, you can join us online wherever you are.
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Everyone is welcome to try one rehearsal with us FREE. There's no commitment or pressure to join if its not right for you.

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Annual Membership

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Annual Membership
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Spread the cost of Annual Membership over the year with 12 easy monthly payments.

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Free Taster Session

Everyone is welcome to try us out for a rehearsal. It's a great way to see if our choir is a good fit and there's no commitment or pressure to join if its not right for you.

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Flexi Monthly

Pay a recurring monthly fee but with no long term commitment. When you are convinced you want to stick around, you can switch to an annual membership.

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Flexi Termly

This plan gives you full membership on your terms, pay as you go on a card. This plan applies at the start of term, otherwise pay monthly.

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Our online "Home Sing" plans are aimed at members who cannot attend in person due to location or shielding reasons but want to remain part of the Soul Choir Family. Members will be able to take part in end of term concerts if they want to having learnt the material at home then traveling for one-off gigs. This membership will not include weekly zoom sessions but instead weekly Facebook live rehearsals from one of our branches. There will be the usual access to the learning resources.
First Taster Session

Everyone is welcome to try us on a rehearsal. There's no commitment or pressure to join if its not right for you.

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Home Sing

Our best value Home Sing membership plan for the whole year.

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Home Sing 

Pay each month for as long as you join us online.

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What's the difference between Annual and Flexi Membership?

The Annual membership is a rolling contract for a full 12 months and includes access to our resources, attendance at the rehearsals and 3 full terms and performances. You can either pay in one lump sum, or split the cost across 12 months - both are extremely good value. The Flexi membership is a little more, but you can come for just a few months or terms. We'd always encourage you to switch to Annual if you can as it will save you money.

What is included in the HOME SING membership?

Our Home Sing membership offers connectivity to the rest of our choir using our exclusive facebook group UK Soul CHoirs - Home Sing page. We will livestream one of our live monday rehearsals every week and you will also be able to catch up at any point using the media tab on the facebook group. You will have the same access to the learning resources as in-person members and every term you will have the opportunity to join the concert as a one-off.

Do you charge extra for learning resources?

Unlike some other choirs, we believe that your membership should include at least the core tools to learn the repertoire and so all learning resources are included in your membership and fully accessible through your member's log in!

Can I pay weekly?

Unfortunately we don't have the facility to manage payments weekly. We offer PAYG monthly and termly for those that want the option of a shorter commitment although we recommend the annual memberships for the best savings!

Do you accept cash?

All payments will be now be handled through the website using secure card payments. We no longer accept cash.

Why are the annual memberships cheaper?

If you can commit to our choir annually then we get to spend more time arranging great songs and organising exciting gigs - and less time administrating you! We are more than happy to pass on the saving to you, the more you can commit, the better the saving.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds. We have Pay As You Go plans for those who are not yet sure if they want to commit for a year, so if you are unsure, choose one of those (monthly or termly) and you can upgrade to an Annual plan whenever you want, should you want to. Please refer to our membership policy on our website footer for our cancellations policy on Annual Plans.

Do you offer concessions?

Yes we do, we offer the following concessions, if you fall under one of these categories then apply CONC30 as a discount code on annual one off membership or CONC30MONTH for annual monthly payments. This will reduce your membership by £30. Concessions are only applicable to Annual Memberships and Annual Pay Monthly Memberships. You are limited to one concessions discount per membership. We can only operate concessions on a trust basis so please consider not using the code if you don’t need to so we can prioritise those that do. We reserve the right to withdraw our concessions policy if misapplied. Please check the following concessions definitions to see if it applies to you: Senior/Retired - If you are officially retired or aged 66 or over. Family - It’s a family affair! For those who have a spouse or family member also paying choir membership (including any multiple household members). This should be applied to all family members. I.e mother/daughter, spouses, long-term partners. Unemployed - For those who are receiving jobseekers allowance, or the self-employed going through a difficult patch, no questions asked. Students - Students in full-time or part-time education. Registered Disabled - If you have a registered disability and receive benefits or a blue badge for example. NHS and emergency services workers. A small thank you for the work you have done over the last few years and continuing forwards.

How long is my commitment for the Annual Pay Monthly plan?

It is still an Annual plan but by paying monthly you still get a saving for your commitment and the membership is split into manageable monthly payments. If you sign up for this plan then you are still commited for a year.

Not sure which membership plan is right for you?

If you have any questions about our membership plans, please get in touch and we'd love to advise which suits you best.